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Letters Search

Letters search is used to find words in basic English form from given letters. This site can be used to help solve different kind of word games like Word snack, Scrabble or Alfapet.

Letters search is a search form where as many basic English words are tried to be found from given letters. Search is done by entering the letters or word into LETTERS-field from which the basic form words are wanted to be found. Do not use any punctuation marks or spaces in LETTERS-field. Then press FIND WORDS-button. As response, you will receive all words with different length which can be formed from given letters. For example, if you enter EESY you will get response of 23 words including YES, SEE, EYE, EYES. There might be also some short pronouns, abbreviations and plurals found. If you are unsure the meaning of the word, you can press the word and you are forwarded to Wiktionary definition of the word.

If you want to find only words with certain length, you can give the desired length in the WORD LENGTH-field. For example, entering AYCDN into search field with word length of 5 will give you two responses: CANDY and DANCY. You can also use range of lengths (e.g. 4-6) or list of lengths (e.g. 5,7,9) if you want to find several different lengths of words.

Letters search can be also used to find words that can be formed from other word or name. For example, search word RATE will give responses like ARE, ART, RAT, EAT, TEAR. If you set the word length to the length of the search word you can find words that can be formed by rearranging letters. These kinds of words are called anagrams of the word. For example, search word IDEAL with word length 5 will tell you that the anagrams of IDEAL are AILED, LADIE, ELIDA.

With letters search you can investigate and discover also other interesting things: In which longer words every alphabet occurs only ones? This can be done by entering all alphabets into search field like ABCDEFGH… and so on. By using the WORD LENGTH-field quite easy can be found that the longest word containing every alphabet only ones is UNCOPYRIGHTABLES. That is 16 letters long!

Letters search is a great tool for example when you stuck in the Word snack mobile game and can’t find the missing words. Word games are nice entertainment alone and with friends. We encourage to play honestly with others. So please not use WordFromLetters secretly but agree its usage in advance!

And like mentioned: If you don’t know what some response word means, press the word and you will be forwarded to Wiktionary definition of the word.

COPY WORDS -button can be used to copy the result words as list.