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Joker Search

Joker search is used to find suitable basic English form words when only some letters and their places in word are known. Joker search will give list of words suitable for the search as result. This site can be used to help solve different kind of word games like Word snack, Scrabble, Alfapet or different kind of crosswords.

Search is done by entering the letters you know into SEARCH WORD-field and placing question mark (?) in place of all unknown letters. Pressing the FIND WORDS-button will execute the search. As result you will get all the basic form words suitable. For example, the search word LO?ELY will give 3 results: LOVELY, LONELY, LOUELY. If you are unsure the meaning of the word, you can press the word and you are forwarded to Wiktionary definition of the word.

Star (*) operator can be used to replace any number of question marks (?). This can be used when the number of missing letters is unknown. It is handy especially when the start or end of the word is known and all possible words with different lengths is needed to be found. For example, the search word AMAZI* will give results like AMAZING, AMAZINGLY, AMAZINGNESS.

Joker search can be used to list all certain length words which starts with specific letter. For example search Q???? will give results like: QUEST, QUIET, QUOTE, QUICK. The same way can be searched certain length words which ends with specific letter. For example search ???F will give results like: SELF, LEAF, GOLF, WOLF.

These all search features can be combined to make more complex searches. Like finding 7 letters length words which starts with C and there are double R after one unknown letter. This can be searched with C?RR???. This search will give results like CURRENT, CORRECT, CURRANT and CARRY UP. Note that the space in the ford CARRY UP does not count as a letter.

Question mark (?) and star (*) operators can be combined. For example finding words which start with U, followed by two unknown letters and a F and the rest of the word and the length of the word does not matter can be searched with U??F*. Results like UNIFORM, USEFUL and UNIFY can be found.

Joker search can be quite handful tool for crosswords or other word puzzles. And like mentioned: If you don’t know what some response word means, press the word and you will be forwarded to Wiktionary definition of the word.

COPY WORDS -button can be used to copy the result words as list.