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Anagram search

Anagram search finds anagrams from given words or letters by rearranging the letters. Result anagrams will consists of basic English form words. This site can be used for example to find out the anagrams of your name or to help solve different kind of word games like Word snack, Scrabble or Alfapet.

Anagram search is a search form where as many combination of basic English words are tried to be found from given words or letters. All given letters have to be used. Search is done by entering the letters or words into LETTERS / WORDS-field from which the anagrams are wanted to be found. Then press FIND WORDS-button. As response, you will receive all anagrams (word combinations). For example, if you enter IEOODGSML you will get responses like GOOD SMILE, GOOD SLIME, OILED SMOG.

If you want to find only words with certain length, you can give the desired length in the WORD LENGTH-field. For example, entering AEEIGRTSML into search field with word length of 5 will give you responses like: AGILE TERMS, GREAT SMILE, LARGE TIMES. You can also use range of lengths (e.g. 4-6) or list of lengths (e.g. 5,7,9) if you want to find several different lengths of words.

Anagram search can be used to find anagrams from names. For example one result for MARY CAMERON is ARMY ROMANCE. You can use this for fun, have some puzzle game for guests for your new baby's name or find a nice artist name for yourself.

Anagram search can be used to solve different kind of word games, where you have to figure out as many words so that all the letters have to be used. This might be usefull if you are stuck and need help. Word games are nice entertainment alone and with friends. We encourage to play honestly with others. So please not use WordFromLetters secretly but agree its usage in advance!

If you don’t know what some response word means, press the word and you will be forwarded to Wordnet definition of the word.

There is a lot of complex calculations done in anagram search. For this reason you should not use a long list of search letters. The more letters you gicve the more inportant there is to use the WORD LENGTH restrictions. You can estimate the time remaining by the number insite the loading animation. The search is ready when the count is 100. If it seems that it is taking too much time you can cancel the search with X and try again with less letters or more strict lengths

COPY WORDS -button can be used to copy the result words as list.