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Terms of usage is a free to use ad-funded web service (later just service) and these terms will cover all content published in this site. The user of the service have to agree and accept these terms binding to him or her even the site does not need any registration. By using service user will accept these terms and convince to obey them and to obey also all applicable laws and good practice. service contain commercial communications and it is part of the service. This commercial communication is provided by reliable third party (Google AdSense). This third party might use target advertising and does not be responsible for success of this targeting or content of the commercial communications. The third party might use usage information of the sites you have visited. Usage of the adblockers might affect the usage of the service.

Service provider try to maintain WordFromLetters service as high standard as possible and agrees to keep the service and its content legal and in accordance with good practice. The service is updated if necessary and the service provider has all rights to change the behavior whenever and as they see fit. The service provider has the right to stop producing the service and the maintaining whenever.

The service provider does not be responsible the grammatical or correctness of the result words neither responsible of any other errors or deficiencies of the service. The user can not appeal against the service provider legally, commercially or any way because of the any errors, deficiencies or behavior of the service. The service provider is not responsible of any problems or harm suffered because of the usage of the service. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by any usage, defects, interruptions or termination of the Service. The user understands that the network environment and online services are not completely secure. User is responsible for the security of their own information systems. The service provider strives for proper data security in WordFromLetters but cannot guarantee that it works perfectly.

The content and layout of the service are protected by copyright. The user does not have the right to use the service with help of any automated systems. The service is intended only for use by natural persons in the browser. The service provider has the right to cancel the user's right to use the service. The Service Provider has the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions and the changes will take effect immediately from the publication and the User will accept the modified terms and conditions while continuing to use the Service.

The user is only entitled to use the WordFromLetters service for personal use and is not entitled to transfer this license to a third party or to seek to benefit from other users use of WordFromLetters service. The service provider has the right to transfer the contract to a third party. Any disagreements shall be resolved primarily in the Pirkanmaa District Court if the negotiations do not reach a mutually satisfactory settlement. The terms of service and the agreement between the user and the service provider on the use of the service are governed by Finnish law.

In addition to these terms, the user understands and accepts the privacy statement used and the use of cookies.

Privacy policy

The WordFromLetters service respects the privacy of users. The service does not require registration, and the only information collected from the user is information about the use of online services. The information that can be collected can include, for example, the user input method for the site, browser and device information, cookie tags, time spent on the service, possibly geographic location, browsing information, ad display information, and ad click data.

The data collector is either WordFromLetters service provider or third-party advertisers or measurement service providers. Among other things, the site uses Google Analytics to measure the use of the web service. This information can be used to help advertisers show content interesting to the user.

WordFromLetters may have links to third-party services and WordFromLetters is not responsible of information collected by these services. If necessary, you must familiarize yourself with the privacy statements and terms of these sites.

The content of this privacy statement may change as the service develops or legislation is changed, and we recommend that you periodically review our privacy statement. The user can contact us, contact information can be found here.

Cookies and web beacons

The WordFromLetters service uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that a web browser stores on a user's device. When you first arrive at the site, you must give your consent to the cookie storage or the service may not be used. The user cannot be identified with cookies alone and will not harm the user's device or files. Cookies are commonly used on websites and the WordFromLetters service uses cookies in accordance with common practices.

Cookies, among other things, monitor the number of visitors to the service, as well as information about the pages used by visitors, browsers and operating systems, and other usage of the device. Also, the user's IP and network address may be stored with cookies. As a rule, cookies used in WordFromLetters are related to the use of third parties such as Google Analytics and Google AdSense. Learn more about Google's policies and terms here.

The user can clear cookies from the browser settings. In this case, the identifier for which information is collected from the user is exchanged.